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25 May

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User Number: 11451814
Date Created:10-23-2006
Number of Posts: not many

Thirty-one year old female fitness trainer by day, short-story writer / poet by night. Is accused of being obsessed with Harry Potter (have husband to blame for that).Before HP was obsessed with Friends - have no one to blame for that.
Strengths: Sarcasim (it is the glue that binds my marriage together), brain tends to retain a lot of useless information mostly movie and TV trivia and random work knowledge.
Weaknesses: Starbucks, Snickers, my hubby in carpenter style jeans, Starbucks, tends to get easily distracted in places like Target or Kohls, Starbucks.
Special Skills: Can identify any Friends episode in 30 secs or less.
Weapons: My cell phone - if aimed correctly I reckon I could take someone's eye out.
Motto: "I don't go looking for trouble, trouble usually finds me."

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